Physiotherapy based in Greetham, Nr Oakham

General Physiotherapy
Sports Medicine
Providing the assessment and treatment of medical conditions which are impairing sporting performance.

Sports Injuries
Physiotherapy/Sports Injuries
Physiotherapy can be used to treat various conditions and sporting injuries. It focuses on the restoration of movement and optimization of physical function.
Dietitian/Sports Nutrition
A Sports Dietitian can provide individual and group nutrition advice and education to enhance the performance and health of competitive and recreational athletes.

Is the assessment and treatment of the feet and lower limbs for biomechanical deformities and musculo-skeletal injuries.

Welcome to Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

At Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre in Greetham, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to provide easy access to a Sports Physician, Physiotherapist, Dietitian and Podiatrist.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide fast and clear communication between our clinicans enabling us to gain optimum results in the quickest possible time frame.

Our ethos was born from seeing this close and effective method of referal and treatment in the professional sporting environment. Our belief is that the best treatment and advice should be made available to the general public and to athletes of all abilities whether for musculoskeletal problems, sporting injuries, podiatry issues or when seeking nutritional advice.

Our practice involves following the most recent scientific studies and evidence to provide you with the best available treatment.

Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 7.30pm and Saturday 8am to 12 midday